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Care Package Recipient Application

In keeping with our goal to help as many survivors as we financially can, we have created a simplified criteria for the identification and selection of gift and care package recipients. The selection criteria is as follows:

To be considered to receive a gift or care package from She Still Smiles, a breast cancer survivor shall:

  • Reside in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia (DMV) area;
  • Be recommended by a board, committee or volunteer of She Still Smiles Inc;
  • Provide a nomination letter telling the story of their journey with a minimum of 500 words;
  • Agree to allow their story to be shared on the She Still Smiles website

The selection process shall be as follows:

  • Nomination letters will be independently reviewed and ranked 1 thru 10 by each board member.
  • The Vice Chair shall be responsible for tallying the boards rankings to determine a consensus.
  • The Chair shall have final approval of the recommendations or may request a reassessment.

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